My Poems go from Preislamic to More Islamic Poetry.. so read in order..
Salaam (Yamoni Hamza Bari)

Anger of a Lost Soul
with No Direction, living without Salvation
seeking sanctuary from all this confusion
Troubled by the Abundance of self Hate
realizing a pitiful life
Explanations seem so far fetched
seeking peace at any means
destroying all remaining self esteem
temporary pleasures acting as pain killers
true Happiness seems impossible
Screaming from the top for help
for an answer to a question unknown
Suicidal at everystep
thoughts of horrible death
Confusion running wild, claiming an empty soul
thoughts of anger, violent thoughts become violent actions
By: Yamoni Bari (Me)

Shedding the Skin of Sin
Purifying what i call Existence
clarifying the Fog of Confusion
Exterminating the evil delusions
Dreams of a life to be
O' so Pure and sweet and absolute
satisfying all my needs
with the recent power of the mind which i have conceived
By: Yamoni Hamza Bari (Me)

By the Grace of Allah
i have evolved...
life is so much more clear
all this happiness has brought me to tears
power and grace
and love that He embrace
i see life in a whole new light
ever so pure
with so much to endure
peace within this chaotic society
creative life blooming in this rejuvenated entity
by the grace of Allah
By: Yamoni Hamza Bari (Me)

Heart Broken
Dreams shredding to pieces
Falling to my knee's
Falling in a puddle of tears
Taking a step ahead
Only to take 3 steps back
Stares of disappointment from all directions
I ask Allah to guide me and He appoints me an angel
Dreams are reborn
With a new found energy
Allah has sent me a guide
And i have been guided
I rejoice to my God
For He is the Greatest
By: Yamoni Hamza Bari (Me)

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Yamoni Hamza Bari