by Shazah Sabuhi

I set my foot inside the Holy Mosque,
Upon the cold, white marble, Where day and night, People
sat worshipping, praying,
The tears never did stop.

Right and left, the Mosque being cleaned,
Shining, not a particle of dust, The carvings of marble, the plates of gold,
The symmetry of the whole Mosque, the largest of it all,
The tears never did stop.

Then came the grandest of the whole,
The center of one's life and concerns, The big, Beautiful House of Allah,
Covered with black cloth and gold leaf writing,
The tears never did stop

My life flashed past me, the good and the bad,
such a feeling I had never felt before,
A special bondage to the Almighty-A sudden chill in me,
The tears never did stop

Looking around, the large floor was filled with people,
Circling the beautiful house, loudly chanting,
People sitting, praying for forgiveness,
Praying for another chance to lead a better life,
The tears never did stop

Taking a deep breath, I entered the never ending crowd,
With my heart pouring out all the prayers I could think of,
Begging for forgiveness of my sins, Praying to become a better individual
The tears never did stop

I ran around the black house,
The ancient, black house built by Ibrahim centuries ago,
Where not one second passes when people are not circling it, praying,
The tears never did stop

I got closer as did my heart, mind and soul,
I touched the sacred house, hands trembling,
Knowing I was as close as ever to the Almighty,
The tears never did stop

It was amazing, everyone centered their attention only on worshipping
All worldly concerns forgotten, focused on praying,
Forgetting everyday matters and happenings,
The tears never did stop

The rituals were tiring, took strength and time,
But what is a few hours for our Giver? Our Creator?
For what He has given us, the worldly goods, the luxuries,
A few hours of forgiveness for our sins,
The tears never did stop.