(by: Farrukh Younus)

I wander amid the Quran, and my Soul is moved to tears,
For many are the ayahs, which awaken sleeping fears.
They speak of the blazing fire, and the fate of sinful Souls,
And shattered is my contentment, I almost tread on scorching coals.
Yet though this, indeed, is scary, far more awful is the thought,
That once amid the fire, I'll lose the One whose Face I sought!
For does not He in the Quran, state so clear and lucidly,
that on Day of Qiyamah, "will be forgotten those who forgot Me" ?

How terrible would be that existence,
without His love and friendship dear,
how lonely would be those moments,
without the sense that He is near!
To be forever forgotten,
With no words that'll make things fine.
Forever severed the connection,
disconnected the telephone line!
Thus thinking do I worry, for how do I put to bed these fears?
No lullabys calm these flurries, no stoppers for these tears.
And my heart is sorely laden, for though I love Him, STILL I sin,
and though I try to fight him, much too often does Shaitan win!
So I sit here and I cry oceans, for what if I never see Him smile?
Never hug Him Who soothed Umm Musa,
as she sobbed by the River Nile?
What if I never hear Him tell me,
that I was among those He dearly loved,
Among those He fondly remembered,
as they remembered Him above?
What if I never get to tell Him, face to face, of my love for Him?
Such an honour lost forever,
due to a moment's careless

Oh what CARE I for the raised couches?
Or for Janna's silken attire?
Without His presence near me,
It'll be like dress of Blazing fire!
What CARE I for all those mansions,
or for goblets of purified wine?
All I want is the certain assurance,
that His love will be truly mine!
What CARE I for the sea of people,
who through good deeds would have won this race?
Oh how lonely would be that company,
without my Beloved's beautiful Face!.....
SO I sit here, full of sorrow,
while my Soul for Him does yearn,
oh how awful is the knowledge,
that His love I may not earn.
" O my Lord! Grant Thee Thy forgiveness,
and Thy Mercy for Indeed,
Thou art the best of all who show mercy "
"Rabbigh fir, war hum, wa anta khairur rahimeen"