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Let's Ponder 

So u don't believe in the existence of God? 
Sure? Ok let's ponder 

A man was born with both eyes blind 
he never knows the existence of colours 
tell him this paper is white as snow 
to him all is dark and there's no shadow 

A second man was born with normal eyesight 
but lost his sight in youth 
he can no longer see colours 
tho he knows about contrast and hue 

A third man is colour blind 
he can't agree with the majority 
that for instance blue is blue 
he calls it black and dares to argue 

The first man is considerably unlucky 
he knows nothing about colours 
the second man is unfortunate too 
he lost what he used to possess 
the third man is not too poor 
as he can still see colours 
but he can be self-assured and insists 
that he's right about what he believes 

Let's apply this analogy to the existence of God 
The first man who has never seen any colour 
won't understand what u're talking about 
even if u explained the concept to him

in a thousand languages

The second man is a disillusioned guy 
he used to see all kinds of colours

but no more now 
present to him a sunflower 
he can only imagine

but can't really see its true picture 
The third man insists that what he sees is black 
when others see a different nature 

Only the majority with good normal eyesight 
can see the real colours of things 
Therefore it's vain to disbelieve in the existence 
of God or Allah or whatever name He's called

just because u can't see ur Maker 

Is it wise of the blind man to refute or recant
the sighted's
experience of seeing colours,
because he doesn't
see any? 
Isn't it foolish to deny the existence of our Creator 
because we don't see Him physically? 
Don't end up like the proud colour blind 
who refuses to conform to the majority's vision 
I guess losing faith in God is like the man

who lost his eyesight 

God exists 
it's true 
without Al-Aziz 
there's no you.

February 27, 1999 12:43 AM 

In Conjunction With Lebaran  

Let's pray that peace  
will prevail forever  
that more people  
will be more altruistic

that no blood is shed      
in the name politics  
that love and mutual respect  
will be our habit  
that The Lord will shower  
His blessings on the whole world  
and that every pious soul  
who fights for the truth  
will gain a place beside Him  
in Jannah.  Amin.  

10 Jan 1999  

[Originally composed in Malay in Jan 1998]


Why think about the Dajal at all? 
live life like a scholar or a saint 
not like an actor or a vain 
upgrade ourselves 
and cut the complaints 
life is for us to simply live 
and please the Lord 
not to worry about Dajal 
and matters that are elusive. 

25 Feb 99

So Proud 

they partied on bridges 
and danced in the town square 

with paper targets pinned to 

chests heaving with patriotism 

yes, so defiantly proud 
to belong to a race 

that thirsts for territory 

to prop up ancient nationalism 

yes, so perversely proud 
to support a regime 

that writes its achievements 

in the blood of others 

yes, so blindly proud 
they are unable to see 

beyond the swathe of flags 

death squads scything through Kosovo 

yes, so narrowly proud 
they can cry for burning barracks 

but not the nameless victims 

of Serbian genocide 

by the hands of fate and justice 
we can smell the corpses of innocents 

and see the massed refugee flocks 

and feel the totality of their loss 

and hear their tales of terror 

and taste the bitter wounds 

and we ask why 

you smile mockingly 
and keep dancing 

because you are 

so Serb 

so proud 


Alan Whykes
8 April 1999


Peace, come back to this land 

According to The Jakarta Post dated 27 Jan 99 
foreign tourists who used to be friendly with Jakarta 
have now become aloof and shied away from this city 
The number of foreign visitors to Indonesia in 98 
was estimated to have reached 3.1 million 
A substantial drop compared with 97's 3.5 million 

The Indonesian media have broadcast a nationwide campaign 
calling for the restoration of tranquility in this country 
which is suffering from riots and rising crime rates 
due to increasing unemployment and restlessness 
Will it be fruitful? Whereas the masses can't even pay for 
their radio and tv licences because of the monetary crisis 

In room 618 of Kartika Chandra Hotel at Jalan Gatot Subroto 
I reflect and feel grateful for my relatively luckier fate 
In my hometown, the political situation is stable 
and there is no turmoil or reformasi movement  
which muddles the atmosphere, although 
we too feel the effects of the economic crisis 

Because of duty I arrived here 
and leave everything to the Almighty 
although fear haunts me so 
Now I fully appreciate the meaning 

social security and political stability 
Peace, come back to this land I plea. 

30 Jan 1999 

[Originally composed in Malay as Damai, Kembalilah Ke Tanah Ini]


Normally death invites us
home at a ripe age

hence many of us choose

to enjoy & frolic at a young age

telling ourselves we can repent later

thinking the doors of repentance

will always be open

Oft-times we forget
who we are

when celebrating parties & fiestas

and end up violating

the borders of civility

as if we're proud

of the sins we've committed

Amusement centres
and night spots

often become our ports

We should realise that
every dollar we spend

on vices is more beneficial

if we invest it in the Baitulmal 

cos the dividends that we shall

reap in the Hereafter will ensure

everlasting prosperity & felicity

Thus for the sake of time
don't let ourselves be lost

return to the right track

cos true tranquility

can only be found

as we kowtow sincerely

to the Almighty.


The secularist leaders say:
We must enhance our economy

because the success of a nation

is measured in terms of its

people's per capita income.

The culturists say: In pursuing
success, cultural heritage like

dances, drama, paintings, songs

et cetera, must be preserved

and nurtured.

The religious scholars say:
Emphasis on worldly affairs

and entertainment, is not the

right way to build a society

but divine knowledge practised

strictly, forms the real high

civilisation we aspire to.

The prophets say: The noble
humans in the eyes of God, are

only those who are pious

and not those who are luxurious

but faithless.

I say:
Scratch your head

ask your mind!

Dec 25, 1997

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