My Pain

(by: Muhammad Akram)

Three pains attacked my heart at once,
Being a captive,
Being lonely,
and the pain of my Friend;

The paine of captivity and loneliness can be dealt with;
but, the pain of my Friend,
The pain of my Friend,
The pain of my Friend.

My pain and cure is from Friend,
My passion and heartache is from Friend;
Even if they skin me alive,
They shall never separate my soul from my Friend.

Oh Allah listen to my pain,
You are the Friend of the lonely;
Everyone is saying I don't have a friend,
You are my Friend, I don't need other friends.

My pain is a real paine,
My pain is my sorrow;
My pain is with me like a friend,
My pain won’t let me lonely;
I adore this pain for that, it is a sincere friend.