Music : A Muslim's View

(by: Ash Shura)

The language of frogs, birds and bees,
Or dolphins, crickets, the bristling of trees
Are nothing but praise to Allah.

But us we choose music to soothe ourselves,
And leave the Quran stocked on the shelves.

Without music, the devil will still whisper,
As he promised to bring humans to hellfire,
But with music, he will be much stronger,
And humans will stray furhter and further.

He sings and whispers,
he tells many lies,
And blurs our path to Paradise
Beautiful lyrics are definitely soothing,
Without the guitar and drums banging,
Without the shrieking of a human voice,
And without the sounds of electronic noise.

How many songs tell us to pray?
Or do good, each and every day?
Most of them are but to lead us astray.

Dramas, movies, Hollywood, COOL!!!
But those who follow are ignorant fools.

To waste our time looking at lies,
It's definitely not the choice for the wise.

The Quran was sent with variuos laws,
To remind humans to correst their flaws.

The devil, nay, you shall never follow,
Cos his tricks are abound, to those who know.

The Prophet's life was one so great,
For all of mankind to emulate,
Still why we stray I do not know,
Too much of Prince, or Sheryl Crow???

Some music is good, some make you fall,
But why need them at all?

Why listen to something than can destroy,
When the music of Paradise we shall enjoy
Heaven and Hell is a choice we make,
But why choose the wrong path to take?

For those in doubt in which to choose,
Islam is the choice, you will not lose.

Philosopher, no, I may not be,
But the meaning of life, i always try to see.

What I say, is what I be,
And Allah is Judge not you or me.