A Prayer

(by: Terry Tahir)

O Allah,
help me to live a life that is usury free
and productive in this world.

Thanks to You, O Allah,
I always have plenty of everything that I need.

O Allah,
I  know if I give up usury,
what I have lawfully earned shall be protected by You.

Thank you, O Allah,
for letting  me keep a part of that which I have earned.
Help me to invest it wisely
and resposibly in a non-usury matter
and is pleasing to You.

I know, O Allah, that the more I wisely spend
and responsibly invest,
the more I will be given to wisely spend
and responsibly invest.

As long as I remember that I owe everything to You, O Allah,
I deserve to prosper.
My wealth contributes to my aliveness and to the aliveness of others.

When I prosper, other people prosper.
When I succeed, other people succeed.
Because of You, Allah, I have more than I need.

Help me to share it with others.
My cup runneth over.

Because of Your mercy, O Allah,
there is enough to go around for everyone, including me.