Not Negotiable - One Way Ticket!

(by : Firdaus)

Abdullah, our Muslim passenger is flying on a one way trip to a destination 'well known' to all Muslims. It is a one way ticket without any option of returning. Here are the flight details (printed on the ticket!):

Particulars of passenger
Name : - Abdullah bin Abdullah
Actual Origin : - from soil
Address : - planet earth (temporary)

Flight (voyage) details
Place of departure : - life on earth
Place of arrival : - life hereafter
Place of transit : - 6 ft underground (alone)
Time of departure : - unknown but it will be sooner than you expect when you least expected (death)
Time of arrival : - Day of Judgement (not fixed at the time of printing).
Only ALLAH swt knows best!
Luggage/cargo allowed : - the very minimum, physically 5 meters of loincloth and white cotton wool as required. Strictly prohibited all others useless worldly possessions.

Accounting information
Once you are at the transit station (grave), our auditors, the two angels MUNKAR and NAKIR will start the the accounting process immediately. The following will be taken to tasks:

1) the three questions:
a) who is your god?
b) who is your prophet?
c) what is your religion? (please refer to hadith for more details and Surah Ibrahim verse 27 for the answers.)

2) your deeds on earth:
(Ps. if you are reading this, it is still not too late to have your 'books straighten' now - ALLAH swt is Most Merciful).

Flight Conditions (rules and regulations) as stipulated by ALLAH swt through Al-Qur'an and Hadith:
1) All passengers will be accountable for his/her own deeds.
2) ALL passengers will only have themselves to blame if their journeys are rough and unpleasant.
3) All passengers will be given fair judgement.
4) ALL passengers will travel alone without any provision except as stipulated below (these concession will be allowed to defend you):-
a) your good deeds (amal salih),
b) alms (sadaqah jariah),
c) your pious children, and
d) your useful knowledge.

Additional (general) information
1) This journey is compulsory to all, regardless of race, language, religion or age.
2) It is non-transferable and no postponement is allowed - if it's time, it's time! (The chief pilot :-the angel of death will not compromise with you on the date and time of departure).
3) Insurance :- It is up to the passenger to insure the journey with their good deeds as Muslims.

The final destination is the sole responsibility of the passenger....please do not waste the time given to you on this earth, be prepared for this NOT NEGOTIABLE: - ONE WAY TICKET to heaven or to hell, wa'llahualam.

fine print: - I wish to thank sister Nurulhuda Abdul Rahim for the inspiration.
by : Firdaus