I want, therefore I am

(from the writings of Dr. Zaki Naguib Mahmoud)

The name Islam, in Arabic language, was taken after the meaning of surrender and peace. Surrender here comes from the necessity that believers have to surrender their will to Allah’s will, for that is an injunction, but what does it mean?

It is impossible to mean that man must be stripped from his free will, or else, he has no more moral responsibility, and legal responsibility, and any other responsibilities. Do they ask the river that flow from mountain to inside the valley, about it’s flowing? Or do they ask the stormy wind, about why it blows? If that is so, then what it means is that believers surrender their will to Allah’s will. The meaning must be pivoted at principles not methods of performance within these principles. The method followed within specific principle, is decided by people, in order to sanitate the moral responsibility, in addition to the legal responsibility.

This does not contradict Allah’s previous knowledge about how things change and flow. For example, if I decide to travel from Cairo to Alexandria by my car, and I tell the driver to use the agricultural road. That is considered to be the principle that within it, the driver will behave, but the details of his behavior are decided by him. How to handle the road troubles, when to accelerate, when to slow down, or in which conditions to move in the right or the left panes. That is how, with this freedom the driver is responsible for the mistakes committed by him.

I believe that the heavenly divine will that man keeps to, leaving the freedom of behavior for him to decide, and be held responsible for the consequences, is that man follows the general methodology of the great universe as created by Allah, and as decided by Allah for it to advance.

Thus, the basis here is: discipline and not anarchy, construction not destruction, building not subverting, growing not atrophy, prosperity not withering, strength not weakness, collaboration not slaughtering, good not evil, … etc. Allah, for his mercifulness, has rehearsed to his Apostles in his celestial missions, group of orders and proscriptions that all work to set that general principle framework. So, the universe is governed by rules and laws, and might of Allah transfigure in that these rules and laws are consecutive, with no fissure or defect, and even if a phenomena appears to be deviated from the law, truth reveals to be, that it follows another more generalized and inclusive law.